NSMB 2 save progress feature glitched

New super Mario bros 2 is not saving progress despite the pop up sound that is heard when the save progress option appears .But it does not appear . This is happening as i enter world 3 after beating the final castle in world 2 . The progress till there is not saved .When i restart Citra i have to again beat the final boss in world 2 to enter world 3 . This is happeing in both Canary and Nightle versions .

Is this same issue that you asked before? You shouldn’t keep opening topics to the same issue.

Well I didn’t receive a response to my last thread .So that’s why I thought maybe the issue I’m facing might get attention by posting a new thread about it.Sorry if that’s considered spam here.

Yeah sorry. That would create duplicate topics and would come off as spam. Thanks for understanding.