Odd -- Bleeding Edge and Master Citra test

I compiled both the latest versions yesterday. I am aware that you support only Master Citra but please take a look at:

Super Mario 3D Land graphic:

https://ibb.co/mk0T0a - Bleeding Edge version is better.

https://ibb.co/jXnxtv - Master Citra version is having graphic issue. You can see leave flying.

Yes. What did you expect?
Bleeding-Edge is almost always better than Nightly builds from a user-standpoint.

The change here is my fix-batching quickfix which is a hacky workaround. It’s unfit for nightly builds. We only include it in bleeding-edge because otherwise most first party games (MK7, SM3DL, NSMB, …) would be broken.

Heh. I didn’t expect anything, did I ? No… Just pointing the finger at it, that’s all.

Are you going to improve this graphic issue for the Master Citra in the near future, correct ?


Why do you have two – Edge and Master ? Curiosity.

No, it won’t be fixed soon as we don’t know how to solve this situation correctly. It needs more hardware testing (which is usually more work intensive and time consuming)

I’ve talked about version differences here and we also had a blog post about this.
Additionally the download page gives a short description.

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