OpenGL 3.3 Error Can I even run Citra?

I keep getting the OpenGL 3.3 error. I have an intel HD 3000 graphics card

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1
  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-2328M CPU @ 2.20GHz (4CPUs), ~2.2GHz
  • GPU: Intel® HD Graphics 3000
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Citra Nightly 1282
  • Game: Pokemon Sun
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

Diagnostic Log
citra_log.txt (8.8 KB)

System Information for Support

Client Version                                Nightly 1282 HEAD-bb776e2
OpenGL Vendor                                 Intel
OpenGL Renderer                               Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
OpenGL Version                                3.1.0
Enable Hardware Renderer                      [x]
Enable Hardware Shader                        [x]
Hardware Shader, Accurate Multiplication      [ ]
Hardware Shader, Geometry Shaders             [x]
Enable Shader JIT                             [x]
System Region                                 -1

Here’s some issues I found with your log that might help.

  • Your GPU hardware only supports OpenGL version 3.1.0. Citra requires OpenGL 3.3.0 and above.
  • Enabling Accurate Multiplication is recomended in certain games. If you are experiencing graphical glitches, try enabling this option.

Intel HD 3000 only supports up to OpenGL 3.1 on Windows.

Your computer is due for an upgrade, that CPU is 7 years old now :stuck_out_tongue: