OpenGl support!

Hey Guys!!

My pc has Intel Processor with a GPU that supports OpenGl 4.0

But I know to run Yuzu I need at least 4.3

Can you suggest me how could i support my pc with opengl 4.3

What “Intel Processor” do you have? Full model name.

If you have a desktop computer you can most likely just buy a modern graphics card that supports it.

There’s no way to force OpenGL requirements. You will need to upgrade your hardware to fulfill compatibility requirements.

CPU - i5 3210m
Gpu - Intel hd graphics 4000

You will need to upgrade your hardware, either upgrading your CPU or adding a dedicated GPU with the correct OpenGL requirements.

I hope yuzu can support OpenGL 4.0 and lower, someday. If it’s possible.

Sorry, but I think that lowering our OpenGL requirements is fairly impossible to do.

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Yeah… I think your right. :slightly_smiling_face:

Alice: It’s impossible.
Mad Hatter: Only if you think it is. :smiley:

Have you watch Alice in Wonderland movie? :laughing: