OpenGL vs Vulkan

i wonder why the devolepers are so focussed on the OpenGL part , even tho multiple big(ger) emulators ( dolphin , RPCS3 PCSX2 ,already showed that Vulkan even benefits Nvidia cards way better than OpenGL

imo , i would recreate the Vulkan part so the compatibility and speed increase will be better on all GPU’s , instead of keeping the focus on a outdated accelerator (20 years +)

(just a wondering programmer who helped on alot of emulators who sees games are called so called playable , whillle they no where near playable on a A Vulkan accelerator (6 years+ )

Switch games use their own API called NVN, which is basically OpenGL + Nvidia only extensions. OpenGL is in most cases closer to what the games request.

Work is ongoing to improve Vulkan, it takes time when an API is designed to make the developers do all the work.

Plus previous consoles don’t deal with the level of complexity of a current gen one. Remember, there’s a regular Geforce equivalent inside the Switch, you’re not emulating an OpenGL 2.1 device (PS3).

i know how much time it takes , but if even the lighting is a disaster , not to mention the colour scheme , it can be placed as concerning , and than you can’t say a game is playable , just beqause its working on a outdated accalirator , that even Nvidia wants to kick out in the next coming years

You seem to be an AMD user. I recommend you to try running yuzu on a Linux distro and test the OpenGL driver there.
We can’t fix broken drivers, AMD has problems even on their Vulkan implementation. Please patiently wait for us to continue to improve the codebase, it will take time, but it will be done.