Option to define a "faster" frame limit is gone?

I’ve been using Ctrl + Z to alternate between 100% and 200% speed in games, but I never paid much attention to the specific configuration to create a second “set” speed, and it seems to be gone? Now that shortcut makes my game go about 380% speed for a few seconds, and then I need to turn it off or else it freezes. I can still manually define the emulation speed, just wondering if this is a feature that has been changed recently.

It’s been changed yes. The Alternate Speed slider that was under the Emulation Speed slider before the update, has been removed. Instead, Per-game settings were added. Right click on your game in Citra’s game list and select Properties. In here, you can set an Emulation speed for that specific game. Do that, then Ctrl + Z will now switch between that Per-game Emulation Speed and the global Emulation Speed.

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