Paper Mario Origami King Stops at Overlook Tower

Ok so I got better graphics card and it can run papmok much better now but once you get to the part where olivia gets shot with pencil it just loops

this part over and over again…
its annoying cuz there’s no save box so i cant do much…
attaching log file after i force quit my yuzu cuz once it gets there… yes i see graphics but i cant change anything… cant go to menu… cant move nothing
right yuzu log file is here
yuzu_log.txt (92.0 KB)

It might be something simple that I’ve missed but oh well
any details I’ve missed to inform you on please tell me :+1:

Could you please try updating yuzu to latest (1307) and try using auto cpu accuracy?

And update your GPU driver to latest.

how do i get 1307?
i went to yuzu maintenance and tried clicking update but the most it goes to is 1224
is it in yuzu downloads? or something? im not sure where to find it…
i have set cpu accuracy to auto and will check it in a sec
Update: I checked cpu accuracy to auto and it still doesnt work…

i think it is updated to latest… how can i check to be sure?
[i went into device manager and checked already but that says its up to date… went through optional updates too]

Google your gpu and grab driver that way. Windows barely gives you what is latest.

To fix you being stuck behind for yuzu you can follow this

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for your dedicated

and for your laptop integrated

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I have used both of your suggestions yet neither of them work unfortunately… any other suggestions???

Hello! I was wondering if anyone has played far enough to encounter this issue?? sombody knows ??


I was scrolling through some mods and saw this
this was my problem… disable any mods and all mods just in case but this is the solution!
oh… finally i can get back to my game…

@Geir_Fuglerud the topic is solved if you still need help…