Performance Expectations

So I wanted to see what framerates others are getting atm. I have an i7 4790k @4.6 Ghz. and a RX 480 4Gb card. Atm on Pokemon moon I get 20 or less FPS and I’ve seen posts of others showing 40-60 FPS for a lesser proccessor. Any ideas what may be going on? I’m using the latest nightly build.

Try using the latest Bleeding Edge build. Lowering the resolution can help in some games too

Okay. I’m already running the game as low of a resolution as it lets me. I’ll try the nightly build and report back.

And 1 day’s worth of update made the emu run 3-4 times as good.
Now I’m running the game a lackluster 30 FPS but it seems capped at that so I’m not going to complain. Anyways thanks for the help lg_0!

Yeap, the game runs at 30 on the 3DS, this is also true for Citra. You’re welcome

running the game a lackluster 30 FPS

any video saying they’re getting 60 fps in pokemon is misleading you. pokemon sun/moon only run at 30 fps, so if you had 60 fps it would play at twice the speed.

when videos show you that fraps says 60 fps, its because fraps is counting the frames that citra outputs. citra will duplicate frames to keep a constant 60 fps, even though the game runs at 30. This doesn’t make the game look better or anything. Always trust the speed and fps indicators in citra. if speed is 100% then you are running the game at the right speed.

you are getting full speed at 30 fps so enjoy :slight_smile:

Oh I know and understand. Most emulators do something along those lines. Didn’t the N64 run at like 24 fps or something?

With most consoles that i can think of off the top of my head, the game developer is responsible for fps. So there are n64 games that run at 60 fps and others like Ocarina of Time that run at 20fps most of the time and dips below that often lol

but yeah, thanks for being understanding :slight_smile: I’m just a little sick of arguing with people that go on about “how come i can’t get 60 fps pokemon when youtuber blah blah can??”

I was referring to posts on these forums. I was already doubtful they were 100% truthful. With emu’s specifically the performance cost is always high. In-fact exponentially. Hence why just about anyone can EMU a DS yet a the 3DS requires modest hardware.