Persona Q and the Citra.exe

Ok, so I need help to understand what’s going on: months ago I had played Persona Q on this laptop and played for 138hours, I almost finished the new game +, but I had to stop due to some reasons. Now, months later, I could finally resume my play, so I downloaded the most recent version of Citra, and tried to play, but randomly the error “citra.exe stopped working” occur, closing the emulator.
I don’t understand how this is possible because, is the same laptop and 138hours of play is a LOT of time, that is enough proof that my laptop can make the game works properly, so I want to know please, what to do.
Is something about the updates?
Please, help!

Please create a support topic instead of a general topic and please fill in the suppory template that comes with it (CPU, GPU, Citra version, ect.).

I had a problem when I updated my citra, the games froze out of nowhere so I used a version where it didn’t have that problem and I could continue playing.

That errors would be solved with the new citra updates but the more citra is updated, the more requirement they will ask me to play so I use an old version to play

This solution only works if you download the executable of the previous version, but you must have Citra installed, if you do not have it installed the executable will not work.

Using Citra 1392 worked fine, thanks!