Persona Q2 HD texture pack

Hi everyone,

  • So recently I’ve been thinking about how few HD texture packs there are for Citra, so I decided to create my own. This project is aiming to update almost every texture in this game so it’ll be a better experience for everyone who hasn’t played this game yet.
  • So far I’ve only done some GUI elements of the game, but I’m already working on some other aspects. Unfortunately, you can’t upscale the main font of the game, but I’m trying to find a way to make a mod that makes the font of higher quality.
    You can follow project’s development on it’s Discord server, on it’s Twitter page, or here.
  • I am releasing game intro separately because It’s 3.5 GB and because you need a beefy computer to run this at full speed since I used waifu2x to upscale it up to 1024x2048, so every frame is like 2 MB.

Recent Changelogs:
Release 2:
-Added most of portraits for “Random talk” (top right of the screen)
-Updated portraits and some fonts in-battle
-Added most character portraits in menus
-Minor GUI changes (like one image or two).

Links for social media:
Discord server
Twitter page

Project media (videos or screenshots):
Proof of concept video
Update 1 video

Download Links:
Release 2 [Discord attachment]
Game’s Intro [Google Drive]

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Hi, I recommend you to present this project in some Persona related subreddit, so it can maybe attract more people.

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Just released version 2, please redownload the pack.

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