Personal Mii Support

After dumping Super Mario Maker, I was exited to test it out. I started Citra, load the game and waited. It began just as it was supposed to: Mario being crushed by a thwamp for Saturday, Super Mario Maker logo and some clapping noises, and then… a message dialog pops up with the following text on it:

There is no Personal Mii character available. You can create a new Mii in Mii Maker. Press the HOME Button to return to the HOME Menu.

Unfortunately, you cannot currently set a personal Mii. I tried dumping Mii Maker, but it didn’t even load. This isn’t an issue, I’m reporting, it’s a feature I’m requesting to be added. Adding Personal Mii support would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Miis should work if you dump them from your 3DS or create them from Mii Maker in Citra. As for why your Mii Maker isn’t loading, Citra might be set to the wrong region.

I think the issue with Super Mario Maker might be related to this. Don’t have the game, so I can’t confirm this.