Phoenix wright Trilogy : how can I blow the powder without microphone?

Hi everyone,

I’m at the last case of the first game : “Rise from ashes” and I have to use the microphone to blow the aluminium powder to find a fingerprint. But I can’t use the microphone and i tried to do as shown in the video on youtube ((play some music loudly on the PC) but it didn’t work . Does anyone have a solution or maybe some ideas ?


Citra doesn’t support microphone inputs. The best you can do right now is bring the save to your 3DS, play through the blowing part there, and bring back the save to Citra.

I’m not saying, “Oh, boo hoo, Citra development is easy and do this thing”, but I want to ask: Desmume has a simple keybind that makes it simulate MIC noise. Would that not be a replacement for normal mic input? I feel that a good majority of games aren’t asking for specific MIC input, just noise.


Yeah, I know that citra doesn’t support microphone inputs but i saw other people talking about this game so I was expecting that someone had find a solution…