PKHex interface guide and tips

Hi everyone, A lot of time I see peoples who is getting problens with Pokémon trades, or need to get X Pokémon but don’t know the way for this, I’m doing this little guide to help this people, let’s go!

This post is not complete, but for now teach you to create one legal Pokémon, I’ll update this after!
Please ignore any english error, I’ll review after too.

  1. First of all, you will need to know where is you Pokémon save game, you can get this doing this:

Right click over one game in citra and click in “Open Save Data Location”, and look the number in explorer bar like this:

In that case is 0011c500

But this is all the number and respective games, I think It’s all (thx to 3dsdb)

  • Pokémon X: 00055D00
  • Pokémon Y: 00055E00
  • Pokémon Omega Ruby: 0011C400
  • Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: 0011C500
  • Pokémon Sun: 00164800
  • Pokémon Moon: 00175E00
  • Pokémon Ultra Sun :001B5000
  • Pokémon Ultra Moon:001B5100

  1. Ok, you know the number of you game, and I think you have PKHex now, if not just download it here.

Right, Open you PKHex, and this is your interface:

And you will need open your save file, from any Pokémon game
Note: Look, when I tell “any Pokémon game”, is literally any game from “main” rpg, from GB, GBC, GBA, NDS and 3DS games, Pokémon Red until Ultra Moon, you only need to open the save file of the game.

  • The local this saves (3DS games runned in Citra) will stay, probaly is:
  • “C:\Users\ YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Citra\sdmc\Nintendo 3DS\000[…]000\000[…]000\title\00040000”


  • Look the directory, and the file you need to find is a “main”


  1. And now, you have the file loaded, I think so easy to use the program, but I will explain all I know about it (IDK all the features, and how to use all PKHex, but I have a consider knowledge about it)


  • 0- Here you can see the save loaded, and version of PKHex
  • 1- Here are the Pokémon editor, for edit informations from any Pokémon to you put in the save
  • 2- Here is where your Pokémons are, by boxes, party, breeding etc and the “SAV” I will go for this one time
  • 3- This tab will be diferent by the game save of the game you have loaded, maybe not be the same of Ultra Sun and Moon like mine.
  • 4- Misc to Load, save, and little things
  • 5- Editing Pokémon Status, the Pokémon and if it is Legal or Ilegal

OK, I show you all this things, and I have to tell one thing before continue, when you edit a Pokémon, this will be, maybe, a ilegal Pokémon, but wait, that’s not the end of the world, pay atention, you CAN have a ilegal Pokémon, like one Pikachu that know “Surf”, one Pokémon that can’t be match in the capture local, with a ball this can’t be still inside, one mega evolution out of the battle, one ilegal shiny, but you need to know you will CAN’T USE ONE ILEGAL POKÉMON ON ONLINE BATTLES OR FOR TRADE, now you know this, we can proced.

  1. Now, you can just edit this “Zeraora” or any Pokémon your PKHex is showing for you, or pick one Pokémon to be a base, for this just did this:

Right click over one Pokémon and click “View”

  • This is the tab we will work for edit Pokémons:


  • 1- Is for edit stats from when you have meet the Pokémon, local, lv, Pokéball and etc
  • 2- It’s others information from the Pokémon, what is the Pokémon, nickname, if is shiny, and other
  • 3- This is a tab for Stats, attack, defense, speed, etc
  • 4- Here is where you edit the moves of Pokémon, Surf, Cut, Pound, etc
  • 5- Other misc information of the Pokémon

Ok, from this guide I will make a Zoroark, only because I want lol


  • And look, if I click over the Red triangle, the Pokémon is ilegal, now, our work is make this a legal Pokémon!


  1. Ok I will start from “Met”, cuz I think it’s better


  • Origin game: The game where the Pokémon comes
  • Met Location: The local where you’ve match a battle, and catch this Pokémon
  • Ball: Tha ball that you used to capture the Pokémon
  • Met level: The level of the Pokémon when you catch him
  • Met Date: The date when you catch the Pokémon
  • Fateful Encounter: I think it’s for events Pokémon
  • As Egg: If it’s a Pokémon came from a Egg, by breeding or a gift from NPC, Event Pokémon inside Egg
  • Egg Met Condition
    • Location: The local you received the Egg
    • Date: The date you received the Egg

  • Before all, I have a “Joker card” for you use if the Pokémon can be Breeded


  • Important you set the Pokémon to be “As Egg”, set meet level for “1”, and you can check if it’s legal by clicking in the red triangle.

  1. Again with our ilegal Zoroark, if you don’t want a Breeding Pokémon, you are hardcore, you want a encounter Pokémon, you are one of mines! YEAH! lmao

All the information you want you can pick from sites like Bulbapedia, or the site I most like, Serebii

  • Here you can see, Zoroark can be catch in Poni Grove, and if you click in details you can see him catch details like level

  • But I don’t want one simply Zoroark, no no, I have a long adventure with him (Of course of course)! I’ve catch a Zorua and evolved in a Zoroark!

  • By this, I’ll look Zorua location, and a Zorua can be catch in Route 1, specifity in Trainer School with lv 5-8! Ok, now we put this in PKHex


  • The Pokémon can be catch in Ultra Moon, check
  • Local is correctly, check
  • The ball is correctly, check
  • Met level is ok, check
    All right, check if it’s all ok by clicking in red triagle in the side of Pokémon


  • And for now we only need to edit the moves to be a legal Pokémon!

But, we go to edit a things before end this


  • The Star by the side of “PID” make a shiny Pokémon
  • PID: is the ID of Pokémon, you can re-roll if you want
  • To change the gender of Pokémon, click in the Gender Icon on the side of Pokémon PID
  • Species is the Pokémon that you want, we have choosed before, the Zoroark
  • Nickname is for you give literally a Nickname for Pokémon if you want
  • EXP: is all exp the Pokémon have in all his life, but, I think is better you edit in “Level” on right, for any level you want to make the Pokémon
  • Nature you edit for any you want
  • Held Item, you will give to Pokémon a item
  • Friendship is how much happy with you the Pokémon is
  • Ability IDK how to use, sorry
  • Language: is the language from original country the Pokémon have been catch
  • Is Egg if the Pokémon is a Egg, Infected if this have Pokérus, Cured if the Pokérus time have been expired
  • Country is the local of the 3ds/game is configurated
  • Sub Region is if you want to set it, It’s not necessary
  • 3DS Region: is the region of 3DS


  • Ok I want a Shiny Zoroark, check
  • Female, check
  • Nickname if her is Black Fox, check
  • Level is the same of normal, check
  • Nature is Gentle, check
  • Held Item is one Darkinium Z, Check
  • Friendship, how we have a long adventure, obviously is 255 (The max)
  • Ability, just in case, keep with Illusion (2)
  • Lenguage keep
  • Her is infected and cured by Pokérus
  • And all the rest keep

All right, finished this, go to Stats.

Ok here is the Stats of Pokémon, Self explanatory, but I will put not abbreviation of words

  • HP: Health Points
  • Atk: Attack
  • Def: Defese
  • SpA: Special Attack
  • SpD: Special Defese
  • Spe: Speed

You can set IV to max 31 in one Stat, and EVs to max 252 in one Stat, and max 510 in sum of all EVs
You can randomize IVs and EVs just clicking in “Randomize” buttons
(The Contest Stats, is for Contest “battles”, ORAS games)


  • Ok, I want 31 IVs in all, and 252 EVs at Attack and Special Attack, and more 6 EV in Speed, check

Time to edit the moves!


  • When have moves that the Pokémon can’t be able to use, and have this red triangles, just click inside the white retangle, not in any moves, and not outside the retangle, just inside, like my cursor


  • Accept the Moves suggested


  • If have Relearn Moves, do the same what you did before with Current Moves


  • And now you have a Legal Pokémon!

To save the Pokémon in a Slot, just right click over one empty slot, or over one Pokémon (This will subistitute the Pokémon) and click “Set”

Or, drag and drop the Pokémon, like this:

  • And for save the game did this:


  • And save the file over your “main” file

  • For today It’s all, I’ll update this post after, but with this, you can make a legal Pokémon, the Major tip is, read the messages in red triangle, and search about this, if is telling the moves are wrong, you need to edit moves, the ball, the game origin, and other X things, PKHex is not a hydra, if you read what the program are wanting, and search about information of the Pokémon you are editing, you will able to edit and create any Pokémon in PKHex!

Marking this as a tutorial, thanks for the guide!


Ability is for pokemon that have more than 1 possible Ability, in that case, u can use that to set which one u want u can set them to hidden Abilities to but that will need a few more edits to make it legal.

for encounter Pokémon,
u can use the same trick u used for moves to set suggested location, met lv etc.

keep in mind that even if a pokemon is now legal it may still have a red mark, in that case, click the red mark to recheck legality if it is legal it will then go away.

and frankly, it is easier to go to project pokemon and download a file for a pokemon u want and then edit it than it is to make 1 from scratch.

and btw project pokemon also has files for pretty much any event pokemon u may want, it also has files for most pokemon u can get in-game so if u want to so 1 time only pokemon from other versions that no one is ok with trading u can get from there.
trust me it is a lot easier to download a Pokemon file that to make 1 from scratch
yes if u make all of your pokemon from scratch u will get better at it and that may help with making competitive teams but if u don’t plan to dig through every nook and cranny of pokemon to make your team better, stick to download and minor edits it is just faster.

EDIT: ps. from all who see it and are helped by this and all of us lazy people who did not bother making a guide,



Is it able to emulate trades?

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well yes just change the OT name and/or OT ID no.
it will be treated as being from a trade.
I answered what I thought u were asking but just to be sure.

what do u mean by “emulate”???
asking cos it can mean too many things.

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I mean that is there a diff between pokemon traded from pkhex and real pokemon that are traded

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no, I don’t think so,
if done properly there should be no difference,
other than the fact the real traded pokemon will have the OT name and id of whoever got them,
and even that can be replicated if u know the someone’s OT name and id.

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K thanks for youre help but u know poke bank removes items and does not allow hm moves for pokemon that are traded.
Can this issue be resolved in pkhex

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Very helpful! :+1:

I have a question, my save file suddenly disappeared. and i don’t know how to get it back!

savefile mising from pc or 3ds?

pc, I played further on my pc, and got further too,

I can’t find the appdata folder (It’s a hidden folder) and I don’t know how to open main! I tried everything, but I just can’t open it. When I click “open” it just drops me into the pkhex folder

I accidentally deleted the file for save data for pokemon games but if i collect my starter in pokemon x (Or other pokemon game) will it revive the file?

Your old save data is lost, once you saved your game a new save file will be created now.

I did this and it now says my game data is corrupted

Make sure there is only the file called main and no other files besides that one.

which game are you playing…
make a backup of your save main file and delete the data folder by going back two times from save data location and then open the game again then copy paste the main file in the save data location and i guess then it will be solved…

Hi, when i save the .pks file, it saves as a separate file. How do i merge it with my main?
(I’ve tried loading my game with the files as they are and my pkhex changes have not worked)

i can generate legal pokemon using encounter database and it works too