Plans to speed up Project Mirai DX?

So I just got Citra and a Decrypted version of Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX. This game works amazingy. However, there is a bit of slow down especially during the Intro FMV. It’s far from unplayable, but a little speed up would be nice.

Computer Specs:
Intel Core i5-6200U
Intel HD Graphics 520
Windows 10 Home Build 14393

If it’s just a little slowdown in FMVs, it means that Citra requires a bit more power from your CPU.

Your CPU is a low power laptop one, so it doesn’t have enough single core performance.

I’m having the same issues with FMVs, and I’m using a Ryzen 5 1600. Not exactly a weak laptop CPU. It also, and this may just be me, but it feels like the timing is inconsistent in-game. I haven’t checked the actual framerates yet, since I just downloaded both Citra and a copy of Mirai DX this morning and was looking around for configuration settings. Not ruling out a controller issue, but I’m struggling with maintaining combos on Normal level songs that I’ve mastered in hard mode on the 3DS.

Anyone else have similar issues?

The latest nightly fixed FMV’s, before this update even with high end PC’s the FMV’s where lagging. But now it’s gone yay!!

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