Playable Android fork available

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It works, incredibly. Very slow but it works.

Which phone are you using?

A Motorola Moto G6 plus, with a Snapdragon 630 chipset

How did you get the game cci? I have tried but I do not understand and the explanation seems complicated

It’s English translated, I speak Spanish, sorry
Thank you.

Simply rename the original .3ds file to .cci


Zelda A link Between worlds is very slow in SnapDragon 660 Redmi Note7, 26/5000
I will try other games

I am pleasantly surprised that you can emulate 3ds on my phone, let’s hope how it evokes

I don’t think any game run fast yet. We’ll have to wait until the emulator is well optimized, but at least it’s working, and that’s better than nothing.

You will need a more powerful right now but have a look at the new video on that channel and download the older version

How does this compare to the other Android build? This one: built with the newest changes.

Honestly, the two aren’t even in the same league, new one is correct color, decent enough speeds, very few graphical bugs, all in all, very nice

There is no official build, in October there was an unofficial port, that was made on an old fork of Citra, it was also unoptimized, and had many graphical bugs