Playing Citra with Gamecube controller


I was wondering if it was actually possible, as it didn’t manage to make it work. I’ve seen some threads concerning that, but didn’t find any solution. I’m mapping through qt-config with correct inputs, but it seems like Citra doesn’t recognize my controller. Namely, i’m using the official adapter.

Windows 10 - 64 bits
i5-7300HQ @ 2.5GHz
GeForce GTX 1050
Citra Nightly - HEAD-7d71017

Are other applications able to detect it as a generic gamepad controller (note: this is different from Dolphin’s native GameCube adapter support. If you’re going to test it in Dolphin, try it as a standard controller, and manually select the adapter device.)?

I don’t have any issues with other applications. I’ve been using it with Dolphin, PJ64, DesmuMe for a while and my controller was always recognized