Playing two citra at the same time?

Hello guys, I wonder if it would be possible to play in two citra at the same time. That would be really useful, I guess. I’d like to play this one with my little brother. Thank u in advance.

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You just need to make a copy of your citra folder, and inside of it create a folder named user.
copy everything on C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Citra\ to this user folder.

now this second citra folder has its own configuration files, you can open both simultaneously without interfering with each others save data files, config, etc.

bio3c, thank u so much for ur time, I’d like to play that one at the same time using keyboard and usb controller for pc. I don’t know if that is possible.

yes it is, but the citra instance using the keyboard should be on focus, the keyboard input only works when the window is active.

sorry i’m kinda confused, how would i open two citra screens at the same time?

Since you want two citra instances running at the same time, you need two citra folders, you already have the first which is the one are the citra executable resides.

Your first citra folder, by default, has its config files on C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Citra\, that is, the nand, config, sdmc folders and etc.

To create a second citra instance you simply make a copy of the first citra folder to anywhere you want and inside of this second citra folder, create a folder and name it user.

This 'user` tells this citra instance to look for its config files inside of it. so you also need to put your system archives inside this folder.

At last you have two citra instances setup, which won’t interfere with each other config or save files.

please don’t mind mr.bio3c, I’m still a little confused… First of all what do you mean by system archives, also how do i run two citras at the same time (I currently only have one nightly shortcut)

Some games require you to dump certain files from your 3DS. Please refer to our System Dumping Guide.
Follow that guide to understand how to dump system archives.

And the way to run two Citra instances at a time has been thoroughly explained by @bio3c, which part are you having trouble understanding?

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I’m all good now, thanks for the guidance