Please, add option to change the saves folder in Citra

So, I tried to move my citra save folder, since, for some insane reason, the default one is Roaming. There are some tutorials here, with creating User folder within my Citra installation and then copying the stuff from roaming\citra\whatever folder inside, but it didn’t work for me.

In every emulator I have used so far, there is this convenient menu called Catalogs, where I can choose where to put saves, roms, etc. It would be nice if I could move those safely through Citra itself, since obviously I’m doing something wrong.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

…it’s a suggestion. It doesn’t need a log.

any post in citra support will summon the bot m8. and what is the point of changing the default save location?

The default location is the most dangerous place

dangerous how? if you mean that your saves would get deleted if you need to reinstal your windows or something, well that applies to like 99% of PC games, so it ain’t exactly unusual, but yeah, nothing wrong with having the option to change it.

So here is already a suggestion now. I was going to suggest this too.

Heh wanted to write this too :smiley:
They really should add the option, most other emulators have it.

I literally have all my games in second drive, and their saves are there too (except on few games that insist putting it elsewhere, like citra does :upside_down_face: ), and i had my laptop on repair recently, which ofc deleted the stuff on C: which could’ve been avoided if it had option to chose save location.

I happened to have copied save files backed up on USB, but now it doesn’t let me to paste them in the folder where they should be, requiring approval from myself lol (I already checked I’m admin and have full access and I’m set as folders owner, but it still doesn’t let me paste the save file kekw. So pretty much I’d have to start all over again :I

Emulation>Configuration>System>Storage. Change the sdmc directory location where ever you wish to have your save files. Then move Citra’s sdmc folder in roaming (you can find it by going to File>Open Citra Folder) to where ever you changed the location to. You’re welcome.

Hmm I tried to do that, but the games I have are still trying to load save from the original location.
So I thought ok I’ll just load it normally, and then since the sdmc folder location is changed, maybe it will save to it when I make new in-game save. But it just creates new sdmc folder in Roaming again :I

Sounds like you’re maybe using Save States instead of in-game save files? Those save the entirety of Citra’s instance, as well as Citra’s file structures. Upon loading, they can mess up the newly configured file path.

:frowning: i only use save states if I’m trying to get something where I’d need to reset game often, for example when battling legendries on some pokemon game and running out of pokeballs or such, so I’d need to redo the fight, otherwise I’m using normal in-game saving.

Odd. It should work just fine. I’ll test it out on my end as well when I got the time.