Please check the log file, games Crash most time and run well sometimes and I don't know why

DOC-20231202-WA0000.txt (95.2 KB)

Revert to default settings, some are in weird conditions. Handheld mode for example seems stuck on a non-existent 3rd state.

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I did and the games are running but still suffering from Crash more than 5 times before working and random crash (can’t spend more than 10 minutes without crashing expect for games like Naruto x Boruto and hollow knight), thanks for your help :fire:

yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (96.0 KB)

(upload://18Qq0Da5MHuSX3f4RCnNo1IRWmO.txt) (218.5 KB)

That’s sadly normal for now on 8GB devices, we’re working to improve memory use.

Try disabling fastmem in settings, advanced settings, debug. Will reduce performance a bit but lower RAM use.

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