Please eliminate the need for dumping from 3DS. Not every one has hacked system

I have a 3DS and the games I want to play on Citra I own. If I already own the game it’s not piracy if I download said copy from a program such as [Mod Edit: snipped] now is it? Because I already own the game it’s not piracy if I download the game to play on Citra. How before you go bashing me on that “oh oh it’s still piracy” hear me out. Not everyone has a hacked 3DS. I have a New Nintendo 3DS on the latest firmware and I know it’s near impossible to get homebrew on it. Also, a lot of people don’t want to hassle with hacking their 3DS. My biggest problem with Citra is the need for 3DS system files such as mii data and shared font. I already have the shared font, but now I need mii data. I’m trying to play “Breavly Default” a game I legally own on, but I haven’t found a way to get the mii data. Any suggestions? Please help me out.

I don’t think it’s that people don’t understand you. I totally understand your frustration. The problem is that if Citra team promotes piracy, they can potentially face copyright strikes and you know Nintendo won’t hesitate to take down an emulator project.

Then play on the 3ds where the game was meant to be played LOL.

And besides hacking a 3ds on latest fw only needs flashcart for $10. The process is easy enough for noobs like you to do it. :joy::joy:

You are legally allowed to backup your games at least in the US. Other country laws might vary. Downloading it even if you own can still be considered piracy.


Is it not possible to buy a supported DS flashcart? Even if you don’t want to buy there is the seedminer method. You just need to own a supported DSware game. You’ll want to join the Nintendo Homebrew Discord or /r/3dshacks for assistance on this.

For dumping your cartridges, you will need to hack your 3DS. For eShop titles, in the future there should be a way to copy the contents of your SD card and run the games without having to go through the dumping process. This likely won’t happen anytime soon.

You were already told before on Github that there will be open source alternatives for system files. This will take some time to be implemented.

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