Please fix this keybind naming glitch

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Every time I name a keybind that I recently set. When I leave the Citra app and go back into it, the name resets back to default. It makes it very hard to tell which keybind is which and it’s very annoying >:-( Please fix this glitch that’s happening.

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I don’t think I need to.

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please get someone other than a bot :confused:

I’m very confused because I fixed this bug 3 days ago and because I can’t reproduce it anymore now…

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If your fix is in a recent update, chances are his Nightly build is outdated, @QuanTrong wrote he has version 1200, Nightly is currently 1203, maybe it’s just that…?

I updated my Citra just recently but still no progress :confused:

The bug is still there.

I think the image is glitched :confused: