Please help i cant launch any game after updating

hi i updated citra to the latest version and since then if i launch any game i doesnt matter what game citra just freezes and then crash everytime please help and the log file is empty

i have a gtx 950m
intel core i5 7th generation
8 gigabyte ram

Exactly what Citra version? If you followed the logging guide, the log should not be empty.

the citra version is nightly HEAD-ca3b82c when i start a game cita freezes and crashes it doesn’t start the game and that’s why the log is empty

Does the black window besides Citra show any text when Citra crashes? If it does, could you paste that?

It only says [25.380508] fronted citra_qt/main.cpp:boot game:640: citra starting…image|375x500 and then it crash

I will need to see this further. Please build Citra manually with the instructions in here and when Citra crashes, press the Debug button and then OK on the next window. Then screenshot the Stack Trace window below when it’s done loading.

i cant build it manually i followed the tuturial but i just cant get it to work and debugging in the pre build version doesnt work

Please state more info. Why doesn’t it work? What happens? On what step do you fail to build it?
Also that’s why I asked you to manually build it - pre-build versions don’t have debugging symbols.