Please help me start citra qt.exe

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I wanted to play sun on my pc while my brother used his 3ds so i downloaded citra .
However my pc doesn’t meet the min requirements for citra but i want to play it so i downloaded this file from the net called opengl32.dll and it worked but only on citra.exe . i wanted to play on citra qt so that i could customise the way how it looks and performs. Unfortunately i dont know where i am supposed to put it in fix the error.
citra_log.txt (45.6 KB)
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Did you try open citra_qt.exe?

Yes. I have .it doesnt work.

sorry for not responding earlier.

What is your CPU and GPU?

Show this screen:


Listen. My computer doesnt have the minimum requirements .My pc doesn’t support opengl 3.3.

Plz read my request carefully.

Just check if your gpu supports open gl 3.3 or the newer driver of your gpu does. my gpu had the same problem.

I saw but you need to show me anyway so I can determine if you really can use citra-qt or not. If you are lucky you might just need a driver update and for that I need to know your CPU & GPU so I can give you the correct links.

See plz read carefuly

ok tell me how to open this app

I cannot help you if you ignore what I said. I need to know your computer specs.

i was talking to the other guy

and by this app i meant…


Those are mine :stuck_out_tongue: unless you have exactly the same (though you should show your own screenshot).

i have no idea how i open it.

What is your Windows version?

  1. win 10


sorry about eeeeeeeee… it wasnt leting me post without more characters

You can for example access it if you right click Start:

Or do a simple Windows search:

ok got it open but how do i take a screen shot?? cicking print screen dooesnt work??