Pls Help me Pokemon sword is very slow on my new pc only 13 fps :(

it gives me 27 fps in pokemon center and in outside it gives 13 fps
i have a new pc with windows 11 but pokemon sword is kinda slow
yuzu_log.txt (681.4 KB)

Use vulkan, disable async shaders. Your ‘new’ PC isnt going to be the best with ogl glasm. If you are to use ogl then use shader backend glsl.

Update its GPU driver too: Intel® Graphics – Windows* DCH Drivers

i have updated my graphics card but still low in both vulcan and opengl 10 to 13 fps

Your CPU shows to run at a low frequency, that will lead to low performance numbers.
Does it change if you run the game with the laptop plugged?

it doesnt run at good fps so i litreally deleted pokemon sword game now i will dump pokemon lets go pikachu i think it will run at 60 fps

Pretty sure lets go is heavier but have fun :stuck_out_tongue:

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