PokeBank/Poletransporter - When it would be available?

When these apps would be available on Citra for easily Pokemon trading ? :frowning:

Any app requiring connecting to Nintendo’s servers probably won’t ever be available to use in Citra.

The easiest and fastest way to transfer your Pokemon is using PKHeX. Just open it twice with both of your save files and drag and drop your Pokemon from one window to the other.

But I don’t want to use PkHex. First, because everyone can easily create their own illegal Pokemon. Second, because only PokeBank is a legal solution. That’s why I’m aaking about it.
There are Nintendo services to which Citra would connect.

Citra cannot connect to Nintendo’s servers. You will need to do this on your Nintendo 3DS and then transfer the save file back to Citra if you don’t want to use “pkhex”.

Sorry for the inconvenience.