Pokedex completion help sword and shield

I am playing sword and shield on yuzu works perfectly but after i completed the mainseries game and the post game of isle of armor the only thing left to do is completing the pokedex. But I can’t get version exclusives and trade evolution pokemon(Here is where the problem starts)-

  1. Can I trade pokemon from sword to shield with Yuzu or do I need to use PKHex (because I want to do it legitmately)(P.S.A This also applies for Let’s Go Pikachu)
  2. And I can’t seem to find a good place to level up my caught pokemon many youtube videos are showing that the best method by far are pokejobs but sometimes to complete it you have to wait from an hour to a day (in-game time) that is a lot of time. So there is an exploit that lets you complete the pokejob much easier. So i am trying it but none of it is working. So i was wondering can you do it or not
    this is the youtube video i referred to-
    Please help
    Thank you

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that is a serious problem for everyone playing with the emulator… but nope getting version exclusive right now is not possible without pkhex as well as do a lot of raid for exp. candies or rare candies for the levelup… that’s up for now or what you can do is wait patiently for yuzu team to bring local servers for trade and fixing the day-night clock cycle…

Ok Thanks for helping do you know when will that happen approximately in the near future

Sorry but this is the only way.
That I don’t know when will be possible.

the fast is it we cann’t provide you the ETA…

What is ETA please explain

estimated time of arrival…

Oh thank you for helping