Pokemon and monster hunter? Wher do I start?

So, I’ve taken interrest in the pokemon Sun & Moon games and also Monster Hunter. I played the demo of Monster Hunter Generations but haven’t played any other game. Also I haven’t played any pokemon game, like, ever (except for stadium and snap for the n64) So Which Monster or Pokemon game is the best to start with?

Pokemon black and white on DS and monster hunter 3 ultimate on 3 ds and wii u

I dont think bw are the best games to start pokemon

I played all Pokemon and for best is heart gold on ds , I like when we was short and small

IMO Black and White is definitely the worst Pokémon game ever made for many reasons. Heart Gold and Soul Silver, on the other hand, is definitely the best Pokémon game ever. And that’s my suggestion for Pokémon game for novice Pokémon gamer from someone who started on the original Pokémon Gold ;-). Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire also is not bad choice for Pokémon game to start with, if you want better graphics.

If you play Pokemon, I suggested you play SM or USUM. X and Y are unplayable on the Citra 3DS emulator.

Thanks for the replies, I would try the games myself if they weren’t still so expensive. I have a new 3ds xl so not entirely dependent on the emulator. I’ve played some demos, but as a frequent PS1 demo disk player since childhood I know demos don’t always represent the game truthfully.

MH Portable 3rd for the PSP is pretty player friendly as well… never played 3U before but I think P3rd is a good choice to begin with