Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Crash When Swapping Pokemon

For whatever reason when I go to my party Pokémon to swap a Pokémon in the top slot position it crashes, even when I do swap and press B to close out, Yuzu freezes, crashes and closes. I got no idea what is causing it because I didn’t have the issues earlier when I played, it just started happening when I got to Crasher Wake’s water gym. I don’t know if it’s a softlock or just a bug going on. I did disable my mods, but it still does it period without them. It worked with them before so except now Diamond really doesn’t wanna run. I do use Vulkan because OpenGL runs poorly for my PC, while Vulkan runs smoother despite crashes.

yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (1.4 MB)

disable async shaders in config graphics advanced. Try earlier gpu driver 472.12. Newer gpu driver has issue with yuzu atm.

Did disable that, but it still just crashed on me yet for some reason OpenGL didn’t seem to crash. I just used Vulkan a hour ago, so I still don’t get why it’s broken for me. Well, Idk how to downgrade my new driver period. Would have to get my brother to do that.

Edit: It still crashes, but I just started it up again and now it’s magically okay. Uh, didn’t do anything different so not sure what is happening.

Can lookup nvidia 472.12/472.77 driver if you’re on desktop or try this link https://developer.nvidia.com/vulkan-beta-47277-windows-1110. You run and install it like you would manually install gpu driver normally (vs using geforce experience) and once you reboot after it should be using older version.

Well, I likely try to just use OpenGL, since I know nothing of how to change drivers and whatnot. Would have to let my brother do it, but he doesn’t want me downgrading my drivers due to other games.

Edit: From the looks of things, it could just be a issue with Crasher Wake’s gym. I used Vulkan and left the gym, swapped Pokémon from the top spot to another and it didn’t crash. Not sure that is a softlock or just a normal crash honestly. Seems weird, but OpenGL works fine in the gym.