Pokemon Games not working

All 7th gen games of pokemon(Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon) show a black screen whenever trying to play I can hear the audio but no video I have tried solving the issue by turning off hardware renderer settings completely but then I start losing a lot of performance by 25 per cent.

System Information

citra_log.txt (33.1 KB)

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Currently there’s a problem with hardware shader on some integrated gpus on citra. also the devs are aware of that.

does the other two options have any effect, Accurate Multiplication and Accurate Geometry Shader?
do you remember which build this problem started to happen?

No I do not recall when this started because I have not played these games for about a month or so; I have tried toggling those options on and off but they as well stop the game and also jammed my system once the entire option itself causes this to happen ;I have also tried a month old build and few from the month (about 6 or so) but they as well cause the same problem and I have also updated my graphic drivers.

bisect from 408 (first hardware shader build) to 596 (e.g: 502 is between those two, if it works go up, if it doesn’t go down).
those older build don’t have the ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ checkbox, instead they have a dropdown list with Hardware Shader CPU or GPU, GPU being equal to ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ enabled, test with that on.
also Accurate Multiplication and Accurate Geometry Shader aren’t there, but there’s a equivalent named Accurate Hardware Shader.

Ok I’ll try and reply

I tried to do that it seems like because of the latest build installed even the old builds don’t work i tried the ones i remember using but they don’t seem to work.

what errors/problems are happening?

I’m having the same problem as you

As soon as I reach the title screen and then make it to my save file I press the a button on my keyboard and then a black screen appears I can hear the audio but can t see anything with those hardware options turned on, however If I turn them off I loose performance by 25 percent and the game turns playable

so they worked before on those old builds?
have you updated your gpu drivers recently?

They used to work but now after downloading them now they don’t work they suffer with the same problem. My GPU is up to date on the latest version

My GPU is up to date on the latest version

what i meant is if you during this period using citra, have updated your gpu driver, as some gpu updates can cause problems.

They used to work

maybe it did work on a specific build, you can search your browser history and may find what build it was.

No the last update was a month and a half ago and I surely remember playing tose games actually I started to use citra about a year ago so it won’t be possible for me to check the browser history

pokemon ultra moon is working for me , but pokemon X dont

hard to say then, you may have played before the updates of canary-408 which introduced hardware shader emulation. you may have to wait for an update then, can’t say for sure.

you can always test, document and submit an issue here:

in similar fashion to this one

Pokemon X doesn’t work currently.

yeah , one day it will be so i just have to wait :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have these all problems In my two androids