Pokemon Games trading with 3ds and Citra

I have a 3ds with Pokemon Moon. I am just curious that if I was to play Moon again on Citra for the nice graphics, would I be able to get my favourites from the play though into my 3ds copy?
I realise that it doesn’t connect to the Nintendo network but what about over infrared or local play where internet is not required. Possible or not?

I did google this but all I have found was how to trade between 2 Citra games.

Also by extension can other games be played with a normal 3ds with Citra? Eg Mario Kart?

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if you have the canary build and nightly build, get them to be on the same server and then trade. also, if you don’t have the latest build, get the latest of both builds.

(not sure if my answer is the right one)

No, 3DS to Citra connection isn’t implemented.

Didn’t think it would. Thanks for confirming