Pokemon GTS services

Hi everyone. So I’ve recently been playing Pokemon X. And I’ve found out how to obtaiin mystery gifts, trade within the rooms, etc. But, is there any potential way that these Pokemon Games such as X and Y or Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire will be able to access the GTS?

GTS requires connecting with nintendo servers and that hasn’t been implemented on citra.

Sorry for the necro but i gotta add that it most likely NEVER will be.

See, each and every 2DS and 3DS has a motherboard and that motherboard sends information to the Nintendo servers which registers a unique ID that the service uses to identify that 2D3 or 3DS when it connects to Nintendo’s servers and unlike a game, its MUCH HARDER to fool an active service into thinking hardware is there, especially when said service has access to every possible motherboard ID.

Best case scenario is it manages to fool the Nintendo servers into thinking its legit at first but gets banned once the server cross checks it with all active and inactive motherboard IDs.

Worst case scenario is that it just denies and permabans the connection outright due to not being fooled by the emulation software.