Pokemon help turning 3ds upside down

In Pokemon there is one that evolves by turning the 3ds upside down (yes that happens).Any idea how to do that in city really helpful also if city cant connect to Nintendo network how can I get event rockruff in ultra moon.my 3ds broke down real bad and i cant afford a repair right now

there is no way to flip upside down in citra unfortunately

however there is a program called pkhex which is essentially a save editor for the game that allows you to edit your teams and such which can get you the rockruff and the pokemon you want to evolve.

Right clicking and dragging on the bottom screen does gyro controls.

the gyro controls are limited to an angle of 90 if i remember correctly.

@wwylele was the one to implement them

ah, I was afraid of that

I think I can implement this, but I’m doing other stuff right now. However, I’ll lodge an issue, can someone add the enhancement label?

Also, the Pokémon is Inkay, which evolved into Malamar.

pokehex isn’t available on Mac

I have lodged an issue

My code (in development):

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thanks a lot really appreciate it

I’m opening a PR, my code’s done. Ok, my PR is

the pr is currently as good as dead. im researching on quarternions, so please be patient.

Now that pr #3366 is merged, is there a way to evolve Inkay? I tried changing the value of tilt_clamp in qt-config.ini as well as right click mouse on the screen and drag it upward, but it didn’t work.

Hmmm, I don’t see any other reason for it to fail. Btw, which screen u r right clicking on? Try both, as I’m not very sure which one it is. I think it’s the bottom screen.

Try it. It should work. See the shots in PR 3366 by @wwylele .

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Nevermind, I got it to work after deleting my qt-config.ini. I think it failed because I had changed the touchscreen position being right and not under the top screen. After returning them to default, it worked perfectly. Anyway, thanks for the reply and the pr.

You’re welcome. I hope I can keep contributing & helping in the future! :blush:

So I know this is an old thread but it’s what comes up when you do a Google search so thought I’d bump it since I found an easy way to do it…

Simply go into your desktop screen settings and switch orientation to Landscape (Flipped) right before the battle ends and finish it upside down. Done son

This doesn’t make sense at all. Changing your desktop screen orientation upside down does not even affect the motion input.

Sorry couldn’t tell ya, unless you’re referring to things like the mouse cursor (which was affected) I’m not sure what you mean by motion input, all I know is I flipped it and I currently have a level 36 Malamar

Edit: I didn’t think it would work either, but I was so fed up with not being able to flip it via the right click slide I was willing to try anything…and it worked

Made an account just to call out your bullshit. Totally doesn’t work.

Lmao apart from the fact that I find it hilarious that you’re not even trying to solve your problem, but you’re just here to “call someone’s bullshit”…

If you arrived to this thread because you need to evolve Inkay, I can tell you that the right-click controls DO work. I had a little trouble too making it work since there’s no visual confirmation of how much you’re “rotating the console”, but after a few tries I did it :upside_down_face: