Pokemon Legends : Arceus compatibility

I’m curious about something. Yuzu compatibility for PLA shows “Intro/Menu” on Yuzu whereas in reality this is the smoothest game I ever played on Yuzu. Even Sword froze 5 times in total while catching Pokemon but PLA never froze or glitched. Playing both at 3x resolution with High accuracy. Is the compatibility check incomplete? Running both of them on a Ryzen 9 5900x and Radeon RX 6700 XT system.

Also didn’t notice any difference between High and Extreme GPU accuracy, neither in performance nor in graphical improvement. Both are almost same. Why is that?

New here, so not sure whether these topics have been brought up before.

The compatibility database has been out of date for a long time at this point. It needs a rework to be functional again. So it’s best to just try any game you can dump and want to emulate yourself. If you encounter an issue with any of those games, just ask in the discord server or open a topic about it.

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Yeah I assumed that as well. Atelier 2 is labeled as unplayable, and I’m playing it without any major issue. Thanks for your opinion