Pokémon Let's Go Eevee Control Issue

I’m not entirely sure if it’s the emulator or game itself, but for some reason I can’t move my character really. Like, she just runs and stops, or walks. Mainly walks and won’t run. I tried a Xbox One controller and a Switch Pro Controller for Handheld mode, docked on the game, and nothing seems to fix it. I changed the Range/Deadzone of either controller, but nothing seems to work even if I plug in the Switch controller.

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Can you post a picture of your controls settings on yuzu?

Here’s a picture of it.

Sorry for the delay, we’re facing strong winds and it has taken down the power lines on the town where I live.
I passed this to our input developer, hopefully it’s nothing serious.

Your controller looks like it has a big offset. Play a little with the sticks then select the controller again on the drop down menu. This will center the sticks and you will be able to use lower deadzones. I Usually put 20% for joycons/pro controllers. If your character is able to walk but not run lower the “range” value until the green dot can touch the big circle.

In case you find that one side can reach it and the other doesn’t please update yuzu to latest. Older versions had this issue where the movement was uneven.

Well, so far I tested out that deadzone/range, and it oddly enough fixed the control issue for Let’s Go Eevee. It was the only one I had such a bizarre issue running around in, while other Pokémon games like Sword was fine. Game must just be picky on the deadzone/range either way, but thanks for the tip. Did help so far. I’ll make sure to post a update if it screws up in the end again.

Update: Still working fine. So, it was just Let’s Go having a different deadzone/range than other games like Sword/Shield.

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