Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee Crash

Hey there team,

I have a problem catching Pokemon (basically the first pokemon you are able to catch besides eevee. The fighting/catching screen run’s just fine, and outside of that I have a really good game performance, but as soon as the pokemon is registered, after it goes back to the screen were you continue walking I get a blackscreen and my yuzu crashes on me. I run Let’s Go Eevee on updated files (1.0.2) I also tried Let’s Go Pikachu, without the update and experience the exact same issue.

I run W10, RTX 2070, as well as i5 Intel - Do you know what the issue is, please? I already tried GPC acc off as well, but it doesn’t work, unfortunately.

I would appreciate any tips/fixes

Thanks and Kind regards,

yuzu_log.txt (252.6 KB)

Try updating your GPU drivers and using OpenGL instead of Vulkan, it’s more stable.


Hey Golden! I appreciate your help, since it worked an doesn’t crash anymore, but now I have the slight issue, that the game is kind of laggy with frame drops every now and then. Is there something in the settings I coul change in order to make it better? Thanks in avance!

Yes, go to Emulation > configure > graphics > advanced and enable assembly shaders.