Pokemon Moon Not responding and 0FPS and speed

Issue: game 0 FPS and speed 0/100%
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every time I try to play a game, It says to connect with network
and no matter I click allow or deny the game
just never launches and goes irresponsive

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citra_log.txt (4 KB)
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I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

Please help me, pokemon moon is the best and I really want to play it :fearful: .

Turn off GDB Stub in the Debug tab:


Access the menu at the top of the screen then Citra -> Preferences.

thanks for the support, but now I have another issue with another game, the ROM won’t expand. is says that.

can you take a look at it? Pokemon ultra moon doesn’t extract

Stop pirating and dump games you actually own! Anything else is illegal and not supported https://citra-emu.org/rules/

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what do you mean, what is wrong?

I watched a youtube video and thousands of people used the channel’s creator’s ROM or zip or whatever. I am not pirating. :thinking:

That is pirating …
The only place to legally download 3DS games is the Nintendo e-Shop after you bought them there. Downloading them anywhere else is illegal.
You should have read the first paragraph of the rules https://citra-emu.org/rules/

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Just because lots of people break the law doesn’t mean it’s legal to do so yourself as well. Regardless, refering to files that were illegally obtained is strictly against our community guidelines. Please dump your own bought games using the guides that space provided earlier.
Don’t ask for support with pirated game files again.


Then I think I am just going to buy myself a 3DS and Pokemon ultra moon, that’s better than breaking the law.

what does dumping you owned games do anyways ?

should I also talk to the Youtuber?

he created the ROMS, not from websites.

You have the right to create an archival copy of a software you own under copyright laws. This archival copy may only be used by you and is only legal so long as you own the orignal copy (the archival copy becomes illegal to own the moment you sell your original copy as then you no longer hold the original license to own the archival copy).

Dumping is the act of creating an archival copy of your bought software (game), through the use of a hacked console (this doesn’t affect the orignal copy in any way). You can then use this archival copy in an emulator. This is the legal way to use an emulator.

If you mean that he dumped his own game or that he created a romhack of some kind, that doesn’t matter. The sharing of copyrighted files is the definition piracy, which is illegal. The moment you share your own game dump with anyone but yourself, it becomes illegal. That includes downloading somebody else’s dump.

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I’m only an 11 year old kid, I don’t quite understand what you are saying

the youtuber created a mega file, is that legal?