Pokemon Moon on citra multiplayer

hello is it possible to play Pokemon moon multiplayer on citra?

i was watching this video on YouTube where the guy was in a battle with his friend and he claimed to be playing on citra. Here is the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1kod3p22eM

and if u scroll down in the comments he said that u need some patched version of the game and he gave a link but the link was dead. but he didnt mention about how to do it in the videos he just replied to some one in the comment section cuz he asked him how to do it.

The video was dumped from the battle recorded on the 3DS, Citra has no online capabilities now.

The main Pokemon games have the ability record WiFi battles and replay them. These battle videos are stored as extra data on the SD card. CItra can import the extra data (battle videos) and replay them like you would on a 3DS. There is no multiplayer or online support for CItra. Any youtube video saying so is lying. Also, sharing such patched version of the game is against community rules.

ok so he is just showing his replays on citra. thank you.