Pokemon Moon or Ultra Moon

Hey there. Just a random question here! So… getting ready to get into the Alola region! But there’s the whole issue of it having two games. So should I play Moon or just skip ahead to the Ultra Moon game instead?

Like… will I miss out on a lot of things, some that could be important? Tell me what you think.

I would suggest skipping Moon, just because Ultra Moon has more features / all of the Moon story is in the game.

You don’t have to play the normal one to play ultra. They are the same game but ultra has some improvements. But this forum isn’t really for stuff like that. Post something like this on a pokemon forum. You posting it on an emulator forum kindof makes it look like you want to pirate it.

So I’m basically not missing anything by skipping it? If so, that sounds great!

No, in fact, you’re getting more than the original.

Thank you!

Also, asking here because it was faster? Large amount of pokemon players here, so why waste time registering on some other forum?

i think moon will be better to start as it will help to complete the story when you will start ultra moon

Just go straight into Ultra Moon, I assure you, you will be really bored if you do both bc it would be basically be doing 2 playthroughs of the same gae (except that UM has more content)

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