Pokémon Moon update 1.1 Citra

Hi guys, do you know how to upgrade Pokémon Moon to version 1.1? I need it to execute it in Citra

how the actual 3ds handles updates is not implemented right now, the only option for you is to unpack the game , manually patch the update into the rom and then rebuild it

Do you have a guide?

unfortunately not, some people wrote a guide back in the old forums but even that was a bit complex for the average user. try your luck on google, you might find something.

First dump your update as a CXI using Decrypt9. You can find the title ID with FBI. For Moon, the title ID should be 0004000E00175E00. Follow this guide from GBATemp to extract the ROM and the update. Overwrite the files from the ROM with the ones from the update, then rebuild the ROM.

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Would those steps be similar on MacOS?

Yes, I don’t believe the Hacking Toolkit is cross platform.