Pokemon Multiplayer

5 Days ago , in your last report i read that now you can play multiplayer in Citra and that includes Pokemon . But i m not sure what do you mean by that . If i have a pc with Citra will i be able to have a pokemon battle with a friend o mine who also has a pc and Citra ? Also does multiplayer includes Pokemon trades ?

I’m new to Citra but I have noticed you can click at the bottom right where it says
and it will open this public room browser

or you can see more options at the top left.

I assume that the game will allow you to do anything the original version of the game can do with the exceptions of bugs because Citra isn’t fully optimized yet. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

Can we see each other passing by in the Pokemon ultra sun moon if we are in a same room and online at same time with same place?


This link might help you out

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Thanks a lot for your answer … If this works even for Poke-trades i will be more than happy .

Uh please don’t send people to LMGTFY, it’s kinda rude. Especially when the question involves Citra’s multiplayer mechanism that is different from how 3DS local wifi works.

I admit, I laughed at the LMGTFY, but answering your question, with my experience on USUM multiplayer, yeah, you can see other players in Festival Plaza if the other player is there, when you connect in local network at citra, automatically online freatures with these players will be able, and you can use the chat room to help your multiplayer experience, to ask for anything, like any want battle or trade, how, or when, and remember, if you want to have a true multiplayer experience, with all freatures, you need shared files, what you dump from a 3/2ds, if you don’t have this, you will receive a error menssage requesting you to get this files when you try to battle or trade, you can see how dump files here

Yea .I have another Question but Maybe of topic . I am from Greece-Europe but i doubt that anyone here knows about Citra is it possible to challenge a person from another European Country for example Italy which is very close to us ?

Your speeds might vary, but it is possible.

Thank you very much for the reply

can multiplayer work for citra nightly

I would love to know aswell
I live in India I can’t Download Ultra sun as 1ficher megaup and letsupload etc are all blocked in our country, and my VPN only allows 2 gb Per day, so that’s why i came till here searching on how to play multiplayer ORAS
xd ;-;