Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX crashes after ~2 hours of gameplay

I have recently been doing some speedruns of PMD: RTDX with 60 fps on Yuzu for fun. It makes the game feel so much better and I’ve had no issues outside of this weird crash that always seems to happen after around 1 hour and 50 minutes of gameplay. I’ve been trying to look at the logs but it seems like absolutely nothing gets logged about this crash. I even tried to record the crash with the live console output on screen but nothing that seems to be related to the crash gets logged. The entire program just crashes. Video (@23s).

What makes this tricky to troubleshoot is the fact that I need to be actively playing the game for that amount of time in order to reproduce it. Just being afk doesn’t seem to do the trick. It however seems to be very consistent, I have not had a run where I don’t get the crash unless I manually reset the game at some point. It is not tied to some specific point in the game, because I can restart the run (without restarting the game), and the crash still happens based on the time that I initially booted the game up at. (This is why I had the crash at 40 minutes in the run.)

Attached is the log of the crash seen in the video. Seems like the last lines don’t even get written to the file properly as it just cuts out mid timestamp.
crash3.txt (646.0 KB)

If I recall correctly, this is an Unity game, and on NVIDIA drivers, it will be more stable with OpenGL.

Looks like with OpenGL it just straight up crashes immediately when I enter a dungeon.
yuzu_log.txt (96.8 KB)

Try with a lower resolution multiplier.

I’ll investigate this one, post me your save too please.

Looks like the OpenGL crash is magically gone. If I recall correctly, it was working before I made my initial post too so I have no idea what that was about, I don’t think I changed anything. Either way, I think I had tried it and the two-hour crash was still present with OpenGL but unfortunately I did not seem to save any logs for that. I’ll probably try it again tomorrow alongside a lower resolution.

Something that I do notice is that whenever I try to close the game with Vulkan, it crashes the entire emulator whereas with OpenGL it does not. Also this only happens when closing out of the game window in separate window mode, not when selecting stop from the emulation menu. No idea if this is related to this at all though.

It doesn’t let me post the save here due to the file format. I guess I could upload it elsewhere if needed but I don’t think it matters because I always deleted the save between my runs anyway so it shouldn’t be tied to it or anything.

Okay I still got the crash with OpenGL. This time I used native 1x res and 30 fps. Looks like it took closer to 4 hours this time so the time it takes to crash might be tied to framerate.
crash4.txt (264.5 KB)

Try the latest mainline, 1417, and make sure extended memory layout is disabled in configuration.

Still crashes. 1418, no extended memory layout.
crash5.txt (300.9 KB)

Can you get me a minidump?
Go to Emulation > Configure > Debug > Create Minidump after crash

Restart yuzu like asked and run the game until it crashes, upload me the generated .dmp file, it will be in %localappdata%\yuzu\yuzu-windows-msvc

And tell me from which Mainline version it is so I download the correct symbols.

Here you go, version 1420. I changed the file extension to txt so that it would let me upload it lol.

yuzu_log.txt (185.5 KB)
yuzu-crash-20230505012633.dmp.txt (319.5 KB)

Ok got the crash info, but I can’t get the cause from it. Passed it to the devs and I’ll open an issue ticket with the info.
I’ll update you if I get anything.

Alright, thank you either way!

Marking this as resolved as I was able to fix it myself with the help of somebody on Twitch.

Care to share the solution?

It’s covered here Fix read access violation after 2 hours of gameplay in PMD: RTDX by ronikirla · Pull Request #10178 · yuzu-emu/yuzu · GitHub