Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire HD Texture Pack (12/12/2021)

No, I think the menu is not covered by the patch.

I’ll take a look at it and return here when I have the solution.

Hey guy, nice job, but, if my PC has less than 16GB of RAM, the texture pack can work?

Yes, it will work fine. Just don’t try to preload the pack, because it requires 32 GB of RAM.

Hey is this compatible with alpha sapphire or only omega ruby?

It’s compatible with both, just like the title says. You won’t get an HD menu in AS yet, but I have already upscaled it and will release a patch soon.


Just extract the file and copy the folder to the corresponding one.

Main post updated with the link above.

Ahh okay, thank you man. Great work!

ok I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong but I can’t quite tell what it is. I’ve installed the hd menu for AS but after I’ve opened the game it looks like this

Edit: Nvm Fixed it, its working great now, looking amazing!

Good to hear you were able to fix it =)

Was it the “texture filter” option?

Ye the texture filter option

Hey nice job, any plans to add the missing pokeballs?

I’m glad you liked the pack, thanks =)

I’ll edit the pack today to include the remaining pokéballs. I actually have 26 pokéball textures (up from 14), are there more than that?

Thanks for the update. I also find some items and sprites that are missing the HD treatment

some ribbons:


and a bunch of items.

Missing items


Armor fossil
Balm mushroom
Black belt
Black flute
Black sludge
Blue scarf
Burn drive
Chill drive
Cover fossil
Damp rock
Deep sea scale
Destiny knot
Douse drive
Draco plate
Dragon fang
Dread plate
Dusk stone
Earth plate
Fist plate
Flame plate
Green scarf
Grip claw
Griseous orb
Heat stone
Helix fossil
Icicle plate
Insect plate
Jaw fossil
Laggin tail
Lightn clay
Lucky egg
Lucky punch
Meadow plate
Mental herb
Metal powder
Mind plate
Oval stone
Pink scarf
Pixie plate
Poison barb
Prism scale
Quick powder
Red scarf
Relic gold
Sail fossil
Shed shell
Shock drive
Silver powder
Skull fossil
Sky plate
Smooth rock
Soul dew
Spell tag
Spooky plate
Sticky barb
Stone plate
Toxic plate
Twisted spoon
White flute
Yellow scarf
Zap plate


Blue flute
Red flute
Yellow flute


DNA splicers
Tidal bell


Raibown pokeblock
Raibown pokeblock +

Here is the savefile i use in case you need it https://drive.google.com/file/d/15lnR2FJs0FT_PkxwTZE2s7g12vTT-USQ

P.S. I really hope i’m not bothering you.

Thanks for the save file, it will be very useful.

And relax, you’re not bothering me at all, you’re actually helping.

Texture pack updated, all the missing textures from @Crltalt’s save file are now included.

Alpha Sapphire menu’s textures are also merged into the pack, no need to download them separeted anymore.

Sorry for the late response, has been a busy month. thanks for the update, i was playing through the battle maison and found trainers portaits and some other textures that are missing

Here is the archive with the dump textures.


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Sorry to ask, but is there something like this for X and Y?

I started one for X/Y some time ago, but got really bored in the process, it’s very tedious.

Maybe I’ll complete it someday.

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I’ve already upscaled most of them, but some require manual work, so it will be done later (when I have time).

Alright, thanks for the answer!