Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire HD Texture Pack (20/9/2023)

Hello, guys.

This is the first texture pack I ever release. It took me a lot of work, but I’m happy with the results.

This pack will not turn the game into an HD remaster, but it will look a lot better on 2D elements (trainers portraits, HUD elements, map, menus, etc), folliage and will be free of pixelation and compression artifacts (environmental textures and pokémon textures).

It was made for Pokémon Omega Ruby Version 1.4, but it seems to work fine in other versions and even in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

Basically everything was upscaled, I was sure to make an almost complete save game and also got some save files from other users. The only textures that were not upscaled were normal maps, simply because it makes the shadowing in Pokémon glitchy. There’s also no gain in sharpness when upscaling them.

Subfolder organization:


Tools Used:


  • Image Enhancing Utility

  • GIMP (manual edits)

  • Waifu2x-Caffe (post-upscaling Noise Reduction)

  • xBRZ Scaler Testing Tool (Battle Numbers & Symbols, DexNav, Pokémon Sprites and a few Folliage textures)

  • Pokémon Global Link Artwork (Items)

ESRGAN Models Used:

  • BC1-smooth2 (pre-upscaling compression removal)

  • Manga109Attempt (Most textures)

  • NMKD-Superscale-SP (Trainers Portraits)

  • Rebound_Blend (Characters Sprites and items not covered by Global Link Artwork)


16.171 Textures

3,10 GB (extracted)

Download Links (Updated on 20/9/2023):

Comparison Screenshots (see in original size): https://imgur.com/a/i3JYwH9

Installation Instructions:

  1. Launch Citra
  2. Right-click on Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and select “Open Custom Texture Location”
  3. Extract all the content of the compressed file to that folder
  4. In the configuration menu, go to the Graphics tab, check “Use Custom Textures”, make sure Texture Filter is set to “none” and Linear Filtering is enabled.
  5. Set the “Internal Resolution” to your display resolution, it must be above native for the HD textures to work.

Thanks bro, it’s more crispy looking, the quality is so much better.


Could u just retexture alpha saphire main menu? This texture pack also works with alpha sapphire but main menu not looks good as omega ruby.

Is there a way to use this on android Citra? I don’t see “Use Custom Textures” options.

I don’t have alpha sapphire, can you dump the textures and send them to me?

I honestly don’t know, I’ve never used the android version.

I’ve tried using this pack, but I keep getting issues with the alpha’s breaking. Is there a way to stop this happening?
EDIT: Figured it out, I had to turn off the texture filter settings.

Does using this texture pack drop fps in mid games at mamy situations?

No, but it can cause some stutters when the game loads a new area/effect.

The solution for this would be to “preload” all the pack before starting the game, but the pack is so big that you would need more than 16 GB RAM for that.

Ahh! I get about average 30-35 fps and 100-120% with no frame drop but when i use texture the frame drops every time when doing new things like encountering pokemon, going to homes and others… and speed also becomes 70-85%. Any solution?

What are your PC specs? Can you also show me your “graphics” tab configs?

Sure. Here are my pc specs and graphic tab configs

Well, I don’t have a loss in performance while using the pack, only when loading new areas, I’m not sure I can help you.

Maybe you don’t have enough RAM, since the pack increases the RAM usage of the emulator, even without preloading.

I have a problem when opening the game with the texture pack the emulator crashes. Please help me.

Not sure if I’m doing anything wrong, but in both ORAS games the texture pack doesn’t seem to change anything. I really want this to work because the pictures look amazing. I really have no idea what might be the problem though, should I upscale the game resolution differently to match the textures?

Try to match my options (except for internal resolution, if you’re on a Full HD monitor, you should check 4x, not 8x).

Also make sure that the textures are on the right folder. For portable installations, “\User\load\textures\000400000011C400”

Tell me if you still have problems.

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Disable “Preload Custom Textures”. Also make sure that you wait a little for the game to load.

hi I think you should low your resolution to auto(window size)

Brutal!!!, gracias. Se nota el cambio, ciertamente baja un poco los fps pero solo es por la transición o carga, ya después correo normal.

Is it fully compatible with alpha sapphire yet? Main menu and that sort of things