Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire HD Texture Pack (20/9/2023)

Wow Thanks for your work on the texture pack. The screenshots look great.
I’ve been trying to get it to work with Drayano’s Sinking Sapphire hack without success, non of the HD textures seem to be loading.
After trying to get it to work on Omega ruby (regular) it doesn’t seem to be working either.
I’ve tried everything described in posts above, bot nothing seems to work.
Something that did catch my eye was the _Pokemon OR & AS folder seems to be empty after extracting, while the RAR file gives a desktop.ini file. I also have the latest nvidia drivers for my 2070 GPU
I’ve tried attaching a screenshot of my settings.

Thanks for the compliments =)

About the texture pack not working, the custom textures feature is being rewritten by GPUCode, so it was disabled on the latest canary builds. Try the current canary build, it is reimplemented there:

Canary Build - 7a19105 (Revision 2461)

Thanks! Will try it asap!

Thanks for your work, this is almost perfect for me, but I have the same problem, I’m playing it in Spanish. If I can help with something just say me what I have to do, thanks.

Hi there. I was hoping to download your HD texture pack since it looks great, but the link you provided to Google Drive won’t allow me to finish the download no matter how many times I try. It always ends up with a “Download Failed” error when approaching 2 GB and won’t allow me to resume.

I saw in the replies you added a Media Fire link for those who are having issues with GD but it’s outdated, so I was wondering you could reupload the updated version to MF. Please and tha-ank you!

Edit: I’ve downloaded the texture pack and it is WAY batter than the default. Thank you so much! :slight_smile: Although I did notice one minor issue, and that is Torkoal’s smoke appearing pixelated around the edges.

I’m not sure if I did something wrong, but pokèmon nicknames in battle arent upscaled. Other than that the game looks amazing!(It looks better than than the most recent games on switch)

Not having any problems with the Media Fire download link, the only issue being it is not the latest version. I’ve concluded that the problem is with Google Drive and not the file itself.

Pack updated with all the berries now using Global Link Artwork art and some other new textures not worth mentioning.

Mediafire mirror included =)

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Amazing project, thanks for the amazing work! Does this work together in conjunction with the Rising Ruby hack? That one changes the trainer outfits and I would much rather use those. Is that possible in any way? Cheers!

Edit: nevermind me, it actually does use the outfits from Rising Ruby. :stuck_out_tongue: