Pokemon omega ruby controls

im having a trouble at choosing when i need to use UP and Down buttons

Citra Canary 1970 _ Pokémon Omega Ruby 2021-05-29 10-17-51

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You need to give more information.
Upload a log file by following these instructions: How to Upload the Log File

  • Are you using any cheats?
  • Are you using a gamepad or keyboard?
  • How have you set up your controlls?

Im just using 60fps cheat (28C650C1 00000000)
Im using keyboard (i tried the on-screen keyboard still not working)
I tried to to upload a log file but my game are not crashes or encountered a bug

‘‘or encounters the bug. Exit out of Citra’’

Your bug is the keyboard or in-game feature not functioning correctly, is it not? Otherwise, why are you asking for support?

citra_log.txt (5.4 KB)

its in-game, my keyboard are working properly. i dont know if its a bug or not, it just keeping down even i use the UP button

it’s fine it will take some time and work i have the same problem that you are facing

Can you upload a screenshot of your Controls menu?

I have the same problem but i play in android, did you found a solution???

Did you manage to find a solution to that? I have the same problem too

I have the same problem

I found the solution, disable the 60 fps cheat