Pokemon Omega Ruby Shared Fonts Not Found

I downloaded latest version of Citra 3DS Emulator Nighty Build archive file using “manual download” option from official website,
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Now when I try to run this game, then error showing “shared fonts not found” and I clicked on blue colour description in this pop-up message, and redirected to

but provided solution is very complicated for novice users just like me, may be that developer of Citra can understand this solution. I think Citra needs to add some fix files in emulator, but my question is what is an easy and proper solution for this issue?dumping

You need a 3DS. If you don’t have one, we can’t help you.

@Leo121 sir please tell me what is the meaning of 3DS? I have this game in 3DS format. I also downloaded 3DS emulator for Windows.

Citra is a 3DS emulator hence it can open .3ds files. Not talking about the file format. Most games require system files from a 3DS to run in Citra. Therefore a 3DS is required to dump those files.

Please sir tell me steps how to set this think. Also provide additional files if necessary.

A 3DS console is necessary to have if you’re playing on Citra. Please buy one before we can help you.

@GDhex12 what type of console that needs to buy? My according Citra already comes with built-in console functions, and what happens, if someone wants to play games and no console available. First I clear that it is an emulator program.

If you don’t have a 3DS, you can’t use Citra with commercial games, and that’s a hard limitation. Citra is meant to be used alongside a real 3DS console. With that said, you can still play any free homebrew games.