Pokemon Omega Ruby Trade Request

Can anyone give me a castform ? I released my castform not knowing that you need it in your party later on to get tornadus. I really need another one badly. I can trade my gardevoir for it.
But the thing is, I’ve never traded on Citra before so I don’t know how to trade on Citra. Can anyone help.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

trading on citra is surprisingly easy, you just connect to someones room and they’ll show up in the online features screen in-game, at which point you can click on em and initiate a trade, i’ve been doing this with myself to get late-game only pokemon as starters.

Hello there,can you please elaborate?

what is there to elaborate? you launch the emulator and either just press connect to room in the bottom right and browse the list of rooms, or you press multiplayer at the top and directly connect to someones room, but they need to give you their IP and any room passwords to do that.

I don’t know what to fill out in the IP , password and nickname bar :confused:

nickname is whatever you want it to be. password is only if the person you’re directly connecting to has a password set up, or if you’re the host - so randoms can’t come in. and the IP thing is more for private trades, so the person actually tells you on some other site, or if you wanna trade with yourself, you go to the command prompt in windows, type “ipconfig /all” and then scroll up and find your IPv4 address and use that. tho trading with yourself requires you to generate a new ID in your 2nd instance of the emulator (also pick a different name). which you can do by going into emulation - configure - system, and clicking regenerate on system ID. tho you need to do this before launching the game.

i want to trade with someone for a castform , so trading with myself is out of the question…

well i’ve got multiple playthroughs and i never claimed my castform, so if you got a discord, then DM it to me, so we can set up a trade in real time.

Discord huh? I don’t have it :confused: Any other way we could get it done?

just quickly make a discord acc, cuz doin it in DM’s on here is just plain inconvenient.

I’ve made a discord account like you asked

then DM me the name, i can’t do anything otherwise.

My Discord name is Bami

i need the numbers too m8

#7035 is the number i guess?