Pokemon OR/AS Not Starting

Every time I try to open Pokemon AS with Citra Nightly, it says that Dumping something… How to fix that? And if you can, can you please provide a tutorial video so that I can understand it clearly?

Read what the message box says. It will tell you need to do and there will be a link to the guide.

Dumping System Archives and the Shared Fonts from a 3DS Console.

What about the tutorial video?

Videos can become outdated so it’s easier to maintain a written one.

can u pls tell that which device do u use…i mean mac or windows?

i mean I’m not insulting…just that i used that guide u gave when i was totally new…and couldn’t understand a thing(MY BAD) but then after i learnt more abt it i got it…i mean it surely took a few days but now i think we can help hi in a more better way(only if he is a newbie) by providing a written more simple guide…THNX AGAIN FOR HELPING ME PLAY THE GAME