Pokemon OR save file mistake

Hi there. I’m new here and need your help. You see I wanted to recontinue from playing the OR game where I left the game till half of the story, but when citra asked me to update and agreed on that it did not seem to respond. That made me confused and so I thought that the newest citra they recently updated had issues, so I’ve gone to uninstall it and reinstall the previous updates, but that did not work either. Then I figured out that it needed the “user” file to always be putted in the citra’s folder everytime it makes an update to be able to work out and then, it happened “BOOM” my previous save file was being deleted by the time I tried to uninstall. Damm it. So please if anyone has a savefile from half of the story there would you please give me a save file for it or any way to be able to retrieve it? Definitely I do not need the whole story completed, cause the game ain’t fun at all.

1, If your’e talking about the Bleeding Edge, it takes a little while for the update to download.
2. You don’t need the user folder any more. The location was changed to %appdata%/citra. See this for more info. The user folder is kept for portability Remove it so that it will use the default location (where I’m guessing your save should be).

So future savefiles don’t risk deletion, make sure you follow these steps (if applicable)

Yes I am using Bleeding Edge and it seems to be kinda the same thing with nightly build. But that method I know it already. I am speaking about how to retrieve my deleted save file or give me any kinda site for save files?

Your save should not have been deleted if you had it stored in %appdata%/citra

You may have not deleted the user directory in the old location preciously and it was still using that.

Verify that new savefiles are stored in the proper location of %appdata%/citra

i would share my save file but i can’t upload it here :confused:

They are properly stored in there, but then it happened to be like this, being deleted, cause I’ve searched it and could not find it. 1: When I started citra I did not move the user folder in the description, I still had it in there, 2: When It asked me for upgrade and I agreed it created probably another app.x.x.x after of course I thought that I needed to uninstall the previous update. But when I did that poof. the main file also gone… so weird

could you upload it to megashare,mediafire, dropbox,uptobox or wherever you might have an account of and send the link?

Savefiles are fine to share.



Thx man. :slight_smile:

i meant that this forum only supports uploading jpg and gif and i have to rely on using an external websites to upload the save file, so maybe look into changing that if possible?

Maybe this site can be used https://www.3ds-savegames.com/ ?
You can download and upload save files from/for 3DS games with space for comments and details. If it’s not ok, someone just delete my reply.

Dunno if we’d want to use bandwidth and storage up for that type of thing, will ask the other mods though.

(And there also might be the matter of whether it’s implemented in the forum software or not.)

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Anyway, I got back on track. Thx anyway for helping me.