Pokemon ORAS Battle Animation

I’m using the latest bleeding edge citra it runs quite well for my low end pc, but there is some issue whenever I’m on battle, it has no battle animation, the pokemon just go forth and back then the hp bar drops.

this is due to lack of GS, use bleeding 86 if you want the animations

What is GS?? And what is bleeding 86??

GS or geometry shaders are some technical stuff used in games for certain visual effects

bleeding 86 is just the version for a bleeding edge build that contains geometry shaders in it.

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And there is no way to take that geometry shaders from bleeding 86 and merge it with recent bleedings?

no, the updates citra had since bleeding 86 are causing conflicting issues with GS branch, you have to wait for the maintainer to update the GS branch

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It has been fixed!!
Battle/mega evo animations are displayed correctly again in the most recent BE ver.

what about in the nightly

when GS are complete and coded correctly they will be added to nightly, they are in bleeding edge now because BE always contain experimental features.